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Buchan valley. Caving conference 2025

33rd ASF Conference 

Caving in the Moonlight

12th - 19th Jan 2025

12th - 19th January 2025


Caving in Potholes.

33rd ASF Conference
Buchan, Victoria

Caving in the Moonlight will combine a thrilling caving experience and magical, nights under the stars, with the newest scientific discoveries in Australian speleology. The 33rd ASF Conference will be held in Buchan, Victoria, a town in East Gippsland near The Snowy River National Park.

This conference will host presentations on exploration, conservation, science and much more, mixed in with adventure-filled days of caving, guided cave tours and a chance to explore the natural beauty of the area. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced caver, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Join us for an adventure that you won’t soon forget!

Millions of stars hotel. Great camping surrounded by caves and impressive nature.   

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