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During the 33rd ASF Conference in Buchan we plan to organize a range of activities for the participants. Over the next 18 months we will finalise details and post them here. We hope to have something for everybody, cavers and noncavers, young and experienced. 

Cartography salon asf2025


The Cartography Salon is an exhibition of cave maps based on the American NSS Cartographic Salon.

The cave maps will be exhibited, printed, at the ASF Conference. 


Photography from around Australia in and around caves.



SRT Course challenge

This is a comprehensive ropes course for cavers to show off their skills. We'll try to incorporate as many elements as possible such as: ascending, descending, passing rebelays in both directions, passing deviations and knots in both directions, horizontal traverses, directional descent, etc. Participants will be judged based on time and technique. 


Speed ascent

This is an ascent only event. Competitors will start from a start point marked on the ground, will set up their prefered ascent system and climb a 15-20m pitch and hit a bell at the top. The fastest competitor wins.



An artificial technical squeeze station will test caver's flexibility and composure. 


Speedy crawl

A crawling speed event. Participants will race against each other in a set distance crawl race on their stomachs. More details to come. 

Image by Marc Rafanell López


Roof sniff

Everyone's favorite. At this conference we have the Buchan river nearby so we'll put a cover on a small section of it and let cavers have a go. This will test your ability to move gently through the water and keep a focused mind while almost completely submerged in water.


Cave diving demonstration

Our skilled divers will demonstrate how they dive in a cave, how they prepare gear, set lines and more. 

stewiedonn HR SlotCave-4 - credit Stewart Donn.jpg
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